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Three optional coverages:

Liability Exposure, Attorney Reimbursement, and/or Bail Bonds


Liability Exposure - Coverage A
A True Professional Liability Policy; Errors and omissions insurance for claims for damages arising out of a member’s duties as a professional educator, including all defense costs. The occurrence giving rise to such claims is simply defined as an event which results in damages to some other person.

Attorney Reimbursement - Coverage B
This coverage provides for reimbursement of attorney fees in a broad range of situations not insured under Coverage A such as:
Criminal charges, allegations of sexual harassment and / or misconduct, actions involving dismissal, revocation of certification and other professional rights and duties.  As respects some of these situations, payment of attorney fees is contingent on the educator’s case prevailing.  In all such cases, up to $2,000 is reimbursed for legal expenditures, consultations, etc. without regard to the outcome of the case.

Bail Bonds - Coverage C
Provides for payment of premium on bail bonds

What the Policy Pays

Coverage A
Up to $1,000,000 per insured per occurrence/$3,000,000 per occurrence, plus the cost of defense, investigation and legal fees

Coverage B
Up to $35,000 per claim for criminal cases, if exonerated.  Up to $10.000 of this limit, including but not limited to claims for corporal punishment, is provided whether or not the member is exonerated.

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Coverage C
Up to $1,000 premium on all bonds.
Special Coverage Reimbursement of Attorney Fees Private Instruction
Up to $5,000 per claim

**This brief description of the policy is to provide information only to members and in no way alters or modifies the policy on file with the Association.


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